You can find an idol group that fits any interest these days!

Poppy groups like AKB48 and their offshoot groups, such as SDN48:AKB48

Horror themed groups like Alice Juben: Alice Juben

And Ladybeard: Ladybeard

Of course, most idols are human or anime, but the latest craze is mannequins! The Ginzan Boyz is the world’s first-ever mannequin-miner idol group and they have 60 members.

Just who are these plastic idols? Well…The Ginzan Boyz is part of a clever marketing campaign by Asago City to promote the Ikuno Silver Mine and Ikuro Mineral Museum. And the handsome mannequins spend most of their days re-creating mining work for visitors.

The Ginzan Boyz

While The Ginzan Boyz is a gimmick to get tourists to visit, the city put a lot of effort into the project. Local high schoolers provided backing vocals, and the mine will have “meet-and-greet” opportunities with the members.

So, who is the best Ginzan Boy?

The Ginzan Boyz
Yandere-chan has made her choice!
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