Japan’s Most Popular Cosplayer Drew Huge Crowds at Comiket

These group of photographers are not surrounding a popular J-Pop icon nor a movie star, but a cosplayer.



Cosplayer Enako does her best posing as Madoka Kaname while photographers form a frosty ring during Winter 2018 Comiket.



Enako is widely regarded as Japan’s most popular cosplayer, and her ability to draw large crowds is unmatched in the industry.



Comiket has an official cosplay area just outside the exhibition halls that allow cosplayers to pose for photographers. This dedicated area helps clear up the foot traffic, but Enako is different. Since her audience is so large, Enako is allowed to host photo sessions in the middle of a grassy field away from the official cosplay area.



Every year, fans anticipate Enako’s character of choice for the special session. This year, she chose to wear the Ultimate Madoka costume from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.



This wasn’t her only costume for the convention – though it was the only one available for the photo-op session. Enako also appeared at the booth for the Tamagawa Boat Race gambling group, a Christmas costume for her personal booth, and as Hestia from Danmachi.



Still, her Madoka costume was the headliner and it brought a beloved character to life.

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