Japanese Teacher Arrested For “Tasting” a Lying Student’s Ear

The taste of a liar!

Teenagers can be a handful to work with, especially if you are a teacher. They will craft all types of stories explaining why they don’t have their assignments or performing below expectations.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

But, some of their outlandish stories can be true — is there a way to decern the truth? Teruki Suira, a 32-year-old teacher working at the Shinsei cram school has a method that would make JoJo fans proud. Just lick a potential liars freakin’ ear!

According to a police report, the teacher told a 14-year-old male student that, “I can check if you’re lying by licking your ear.” He proceeded to grab the student by both shoulders and licking the boy’s right ear.

The report is eerily similar to a famous scene from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind. In it, Bruno Bucciarati doubts that Giorno Giovanna didn’t meet someone, and explains that he can taste a liar.

Suira didn’t admit to making a next-level JoJo‘s reference, but he bluntly admitted to the incident after being arrested. He told the Takarazuke police officers, “It is true that I licked him, but I did it as a way of guiding him along the right path.”

Guiding down the right path or suffering from a mental breakdown aside, the school hasn’t determined how they will punish Suira. Being in high school is crazy enough, and you shouldn’t have to worry about a teacher going to town on your ear.

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