Japanese Prop Maker Creates a Magic Gun Without any CGI

FriskP loves designing steampunk themed props, which has gained her a large social media following in Japan. The latest offering from FriskP is going viral as people try to wrap their heads are the lack of CGI magic.

This steampunk “magic gun” looks ripped out of the pages of The Irregular at Magic High School or could fit in the world of A Certain Magical Index. The prop creates a magical sigil before shooting off a fireball, all without CGI.

The secret is a piece of tech from a startup called Life is Style. Their verse-writer, which is called Phantom, can display a myriad of effects on fan blades using lights. Phantom first went viral when it was used to create unique clocks, but an updated unit just came out, which can mimic Doctor Strange type spells.

Life is Style doesn’t list a price for Phantom, but FriskP gives some starter steps for creating the magic gun for anyone that has a Phantom. First, you’ll need a 3D printer to create the mounting that will connect to a toy gun. Second, you’ll need to design the animation that the Phantom will project. FriskP used the free Nive2 software, but you can use any software that you are comfortable with. And finally, you’ll put everything together.

Of course, you could just wait and hope that a prop maker will mass produce these magic guns in the future, which could enhance your magic-based cosplay.

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