Japanese Police Seek to Question Logan Paul Over Suicide Video

Japanese police are seeking to question Paul Logan over his Aokigahara video.

Logan Paul

Masaki Ito, a spokesman for the Yamanashi prefectural police, told the press that Logan would be questioned over his video for showing a “possible suicide.” He commented that people in Japan are not legally obligated to report a body, which is what Paul’s team did. The questioning is a part of the police’s protocol due to the report and does not mean Paul will face legal ramifications for recording and posting a video of a dead body.

Earlier this week, Paul faced immense backlash for his disrespectful vlog involving his team traveling to Aokigahara and discovering a hanging body. After the discovery, Paul and his team laughed and shouted at the body, thinking it was a joke while calling the police.

Logan Paul

Aokigahara is an infamous site at the base of Mt. Fuji and is known as “The Suicide Forest” for a large number of deaths that occur there. Official suicide numbers at the site are not released to be public, but city officials have put up signs requesting suicidal visitors to seek help. Despite Logan’s video and Aokigahara’s reputation, it’s not a tourist spot.

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