Japanese Cosplayer Draws Manga About Living With Asperger’s

Asperger’s Syndrome can affect a person’s social and communication skills, which can make daily life difficult. In an effort to raise awareness, Japanese cosplayer Akagi Kuro wrote a short manga based on her life experiences.

The manga features Aspe-chan, a young girl with Asperger’s. Her daily difficulties are highlighted in seemingly “normal” situations.


Aspe-chan: “Hello, I’m Aspe-chan. I’m a girl with Asperger’s.”



Akagi Kuro: “I have Asperger’s myself, and because of that, had a lot of difficulties as a child.

  • Not understanding detailed nuances.
  • Sensitive to certain feelings.
  • Not being able to deal well with unexpected events…and more.



“For those unfamiliar with Asperger’s, Aspe-chan will guide you through the daily life of what it’s like.”



Narrator: “Aspe-chan doesn’t understand detailed nuances. Ambiguous instructions confuse her.”



Narrator: “Particularly hard-to-understand words are “few,” “those,” “over there,” “firmly,” “nicely,” “whatever.”

Boss: “Take out a few of those.”

Aspe-chan: “I have no idea what this means!”



Aspe-chan: ” What do mean by ‘those?’ And how many is ‘a few?'”

Boss: “What?! Normally people just understand! ‘Those’ are those things! ‘A few’ is a few! Like three or so.”

Akagi Kuro: “If they don’t say it specifically like that, then I don’t know to do. Sometimes that means I get yelled at…”



Akagi Kuro: ” When you ask someone with Asperger’s to do something, it is hard for us to understand ambiguous words. But if you ask using specifics, we can do it no problem! Aspe-chan loves getting things done exactly as asked.”

Bad words: “a few,” “those,” “quickly.”

Good words: “three,” “those things in a specific location,” “finish by a certain time.”



Akagi Kuro: “She was being scolded by the teacher (I don’t remember why).



Teacher: “If you’re not going to try harder, then go home!”

Aspe-chan, thinking: “Oh, I can go home?”



Aspe-chan: “Okay, I’m going home. Bye!”

Teacher: “WHAT?!”



Teacher: “You’re not supposed to go home!”

Aspe-chan: “…but you said I could. (And I was scolded even more afterword.)

Narrator: “People with Asperger’s often take things literally.”



Akagi Kuro: “Ever since I was little, people would always say things to me like: ‘can’t you do it normally?’ or ‘why are you so strange?’ or ‘weirdo’ or ‘you act funny.'”



Akagi Kuro: “My ‘normal’ was not ‘normal.’ I couldn’t do ‘normal’ things everyone else did. I wondered if I was a bad kid. I thought day after day about what ‘normal’ was.”



Akagi Kuro: “But something ‘normal’ is just something common that anyone can do.

  • Normal things: walking normally, not spilling food, not falling in weird places.
  • Amazing things: things that people can’t just imitate.

“so rather than worry about what I couldn’t do, I started thinking positive about all of the things that Asperger’s let me do that others couldn’t.”



Akagi Kuro: “Some good personality traits of having Asperger’s are: intense focus, excellent memory, and more.”

  • We can focus on completing a project.
  • We can become super knowledgeable on a certain subject.

“Rather than just being able to do ‘normal things,’ I think it’s much more amazing to make use of those skills and do something no one else can do.”


While Akagi Kuro’s manga is going viral, she also has created great cosplay.

You can see more of Kuro’s work on Twitter.

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