Japanese Christian Publisher Wants Your ‘Entertaining’ Jesus Stories

Light Novels, which are the Japanese equivalent of Young Adult Books, have exploded in popularity this past decade. Their breezy plots, anime-style conventions, and youthful themes make for easy reading!

Christian Light Novel

Kirisuto Shimbun, a Japanese Christian newspaper, has been capitalizing on the trend to promote Chrisitan-themed light novels. Last year, they published 17-Sai no Bokushidakedo Nani ka Shitsumon Aru?, which follows a 17-year pastor that is adored by the ladies at his church. Yep — a church-themed harem!

This year, Kirisuto Shimbun is hosting a content to publish a second novel. They are surprisingly lax with the rules — writers can criticize the church, place Satan as the protagonist, or even center around Bhuddah. Kirisuto Shimbun only requires one chapter that features deep understanding of a Biblical theme and isn’t too offensive. Other than that, they just want an entertaining story.

Entries must be at least 10,000 Japanese characters, which isn’t too long. Submissions are open until January 10 and the winner will be announced in February. Now, better work on that manuscript of Jesus Christ leading an idol group.

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