Japanese Artist’s Advice on Denying Men Has Twitter Buzzing

One of the most awkward and emotionally intense moments for a person is confessing their feelings. Equally as awkward is turning down someone’s feelings for you due to a lack of mutual attraction. How do you let someone down without destroying their self-esteem?

Artist @replus_mickey created a short manga showing one way to let people down gently – specifically men.

“How to dodge an invitation from a man you’re not interested in. All you ladies out there, please feel free to try this out. It will let you convey the ‘I’m not interested in you’ message in a way that feels natural. Incidentally, I’m now going to go home and soak my pillow in tears.”


Narrator: “When a guy you aren’t interested in asks this.”

Man: “OO-san, do you have a boyfriend?”

Woman: “No, I don’t…”


Man: “Well, well then…next time…”

Narrator: “When it starts to look like he is going to ask you out, try saying…”


Woman: “…So please introduce me to someone nice!”

Narrator: “The results are extraordinary.”

The short manga has caught fire on Twitter, with thousands of Japanese people praising the witty snapback and offering some condolences to any potential guys that may find themselves on the receiving end of this.

“I bet she would fall in love with someone if they had a witty comeback for her.”

“Reading this is like a punch to the gut!”

“Tears make you grow strong, like a flower growing out of asphalt.”

I sometimes write words so I'm here to bring a different perspective to anime culture.
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