Japan Releases a Manga on How to Survive North Korean Missiles

The northern island of Hokkaido is circulating a manga survival guide to teach residents how to properly respond to a North Korean missile launch.

In Case a Missile Flies Over is a four-page manga drawn by Hokkaido resident Manabu Yamamoto. It’s being electronically distributed to schools, fisheries, and other local groups with hopes of that all 5.5 million residents will read it.

The manga details various scenarios that residents may find themselves in if North Korea launches another missile over Hokkaido. School children should crawl underneath their desks, while fishermen should hide behind the ship’s wheelhouse. It also shows a jogger hiding in a public restroom, a farmer taking cover in a ditch, and a commuter taking refuge in the shadow of a big building. In all cases, residents are advised to stay away from windows, flammable materials, and loose objects.

Hokkaido official Kiyomi Tanabe said, “We decided to release the manga after hearing from our residents that the current manual is hard to understand.”

Nuclear Missile Survival Manga

Japan also plans to use the public address system to warn citizens of future missile launches.

In June, Japan released a detailed manual that was published in newspapers and aired on TV stations advising residents on what to do in case of a nuclear attack. The manga was created in response to the manual and North Korea’s recent actions.

On August 29th and September 15th, North Korea test-fired intermediate-range ballistic missiles over southern Hokkaido in response to President Trump’s verbal threats to toughen sanctions against the nation. The launches have increased tensions in Southeast Asia.

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