Japan Puts Anime in Zoo and Penguin Adopts a Waifu

Various Japanese zoos have been collaborating with Kemono Friends and hosting special events. It’s been working, as social media has been showing an increase in zoo visits. The Tobu Zoo was hoping to bring otaku and children alike to their exhibits, but they accidentally turned one of their penguins into an otaku…

Kemono Friends

Each exhibit pairs a Kemono Friend character with their real life counterpart. Grape-kun, a 20-year old penguin, literally fell in love with Hululu, who is a Humboldt Penguin character.

Japanese visitors noted that Grape-kun would spend every minute staring at, sitting next to, or praising Hululu as if she was a breathing mate. He was even neglecting the rest of his flock just to be with Hululu. The penguin was dedicated!

Kemono FriendsImage via Twitter

In fact, Japanese fans have been sharing fanart of the couple on social media.

Kemono Friends

Fileth / Tumblr

Kemono Friends

Ivy / Twitter

Kemono Friends

トトキチ / Pixiv (NSFW)

Kemono Friends

Coroha12 / Twitter

Kemono Friends

Mine Yoshizaki (Kemono Friends creator) / Twitter

The zoo keepers are isolating him from Hululu for his health. It turns out, Grape-kun wasn’t eating his food because he was too busy chilling with Hululu. Grape-kun is 20, which is elderly for a penguin, so his cute antics could cause him to die from malnutrition.

Edit: It’s been noted that Grape-kun isn’t being isolated because he is not eating, but so he wouldn’t fall into the pool during closing hours.

Kemono Friends

Image via Twitter

Still, we hope Grape-kun will learn to let go of his yandere tendencies so he can be reunited with his waifu.


Cover art image by Tokki_517

Kemono Friends

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