It’s About to Get Tougher to Find ‘The Rose of Versailles’ Outside of Japan

Fans of classic anime, sweeping romances, and historical-dramas may want to snap up The Rose of Versailles while they can.

Nozomi Entertainment shared that their license is for the anime is expiring, which means The Rose of Versailles is about to become a collector’s item in North America. You’ll have until June 15 to binge the anime on Nozomi Entertainment’s Youtube channel and it will be removed “soon” from Crunchyroll. The DVD box sets will no longer be printed either, so grab them while you can.

Nozomi Entertainment licensed the 1979 series in 2012, and they have been streaming and releasing DVD sets ever since. Udon Entertainment has had the manga license since 2015, but they haven’t released anything yet.

The 40-episode anime is highly respected and influenced a generation of creators. It’s based on Riyoko Ikeda’s equally as acclaimed manga series, which follows the lives of Marie Antoinette and Oscar François de Jarjayes during the French Revolution.

The Rose of Versailles

The Rose of Versailles was one of the first shoujo works to feature a sprawling story, sexuality, social commentary, and for challenging gender roles.

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