Is This the ‘The Little Mermaid’ of Eroges?

If you were a kid growing up in the 90s, Disney Movies likely provided a large impact on your childhood. From the adventures of Pride Rock within East Africa in ‘The Lion King’ to the rowdy streets of the magical-filled Agrabah in ‘Aladdin’, every 90s kid is sure to have their own favorite Disney film.

For me, The Little Mermaid was one of those Disney films that stuck out in my young impressionable mind. I was always obsessed with the ocean and for some reason, the idea of living under the sea resonated with me. These days, I’m not as much sea-obsessed but those summers visiting the beach swimming all day are some of my fondest memories.

With that said, now I am here to completely crap on all of our childhoods by introducing the Eroge version of ‘The Little Mermaid’ called ‘Booty Calls’. Because you know, Goboiano is always in the business of lewding our favorite shows, characters, family members and so on.

Over the weekend, I was browsing the games at Nutaku for academic purposes and stumbled upon a game called ‘Booty Calls‘. Naturally, my intellectual mind was curious to further explore this game purely for the culture. So I dived in completely blind to see what the game was about.

“I’m invisible to everyone except for the first guy who sees me. And I have to make him **** as many girls as possible so that I can collect their juices”, says Andriella, the mysterious naked mermaid girl that shows up in front of you on a beach.

Two minutes into this game and now I have to see how this plays out. A ‘Leisure Suit Larry’-esque game with mermaids in an eroge format? What more reason do I need for going on this adventure. I embarked on my journey to collect the juices of every girl in the city for Andriella that needed to give to a witch. Why? No clue, but I didn’t need much convincing to continue my quest for academic purposes. However, the quest proved to be more difficult than I anticipated.

After taking a break to let my brain reset, I jumped back into the game only to find that I actually had to put in work for obtaining the juices. Which required flirting, money, and charming the girls by learning more about their unique personalities. So basically exactly like the real world. Well, let us hope this goes a bit better than my own real-life experience.

‘Booty Calls’ has an interesting gameplay mechanic for matching colored orbs similar to Bejeweled in order to rank up your skills (e.g. Charisma, Flirting, Passion). Think the level up system in the Persona franchise where you have to level up in specific traits to progress your relationships with characters.

The game introduces other similar Persona elements such as answering the correct dialogue options with the characters to progress forward and relationship management. After around 2 hours, I was finally able to get enough money and skills up to start maxing out the girls. At last, the promise land was here.

Overall, I played ‘Booty Calls’ for a few hours and had a decent time. There was a surprisingly interesting plot compared to the usual junk you get with eroge games and the soundtrack fit the mood. The art wasn’t the greatest and the time it took for maxing a girl was kind of annoying, but if you are into these type of adult games, it’s worth giving a shot. After all, PewDiePie seemed to have a great time playing the game. Perfect to stream just to show that you’re with the shits.

Sanic likes to go fast. Whether it's reading manga, watching anime, or gaming. Everything is speed. Sanic speed.
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