10 Impossible Beach Bodies That Almost Defy Physics

Summer is near, which means it’s almost time to go outside for a beach episode!


It seems like every series dedicates one episode to having fun in the sun (even in violent anime like Jormungand). Animators and designers take the opportunity to ignore the laws of physics and logic for the sake of fun – and ecchi fans thank them for it.

What follows are some NSFW gifs and images. You’ve been warned!


Not only is the premise of Highschool of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead ridiculous, but so are the ladies’ swimsuits. After stumbling onto an idyllic island, the cast decides to have a beach party in barely-there bikinis. You’d think if they were frightened for their lives they’d keep more survival essentials on them at all times.


2Kirika Misono from Eikan

Eikan is infamous for having exaggerated physics that made this anime meme-worthy, and Kirika is the perfect example. Aww look, they’re waving hello!


3Mieko from Sakura Swim Club

School life, school suits, and very not-safe-for-school scenes collide in this fiesty downloadable game. Sakura Swim Club loves its eye-popping proportions that twist physics and spines to show off what the girls have on top and bottom at the same time.


4Lala Deviluke from Motto To Love-Ru

To Love-Ru is known for pushing the limits when it comes to what is allowed in a series and their beach episodes were no exception. Physics be damned – her bikini is magic!


Senran Kagura is loved by fans for representing many body types and tastes, so of course, the creators made a beach game! Pick your favorite girl and favorite water gun, which conveniently dissolves your opponent’s clothes but not their skin.


6Mikisugi from Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill has so many outfits that are basically battle swimsuits but Mikisugi deserves all the attention for keeping his nips bright and lighting the way for the Nudist Beach movement. No matter where Mikisugi goes in this insane anime from Trigger, he lights the path to righteousness with the passion in his heart.


7Valmet from Jormungand

Valmet is so swole that she makes bodybuilders jealous. She somehow has concentrated all her bodyfat in her chest, leaving the rest of her body with such low bodyfat that her muscles ripple with her every movement.


This uncensored dating game gave fans the best bear girl of all time in the form of Bearverly. Her pink talons, fuzzy hide, perfect red lipstick, and sassy bonnet had fans screaming that it’s physically impossible for any 3D girl to ever come close to her perfection.

Then the developers later added a human bear girl version to appease people who can’t appreciate the magic of her natural bear girl form.


9Rias Gremory from High School DxD

High School DxD is known to abuse both physics and reality to provide fans with some extra titillation and it’s beach episode took it further than usual. One of the highlights of the episode was Rias’ display of strength by keeping a pair of ribbons in place with just her mind.


The real dragon magic here is the fact that the suit doesn’t immediately snap on Lucoa. Or maybe they just covered her up in the nick of time.



What are your favorite impossible beach bodies?

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