Idol Group Disbands After a Member’s Mom Spreads Sex Rumors

The idol industry is incredibly strict about the image performers maintain. Talent agencies are known for having idols signing clauses stating that they will not enter a romantic relationship of any kind for the duration of their contracts.

Even a rumor of an idol being in a romantic relationship is enough to damage their image and leading to their agency potentially nullifying their contract. But, as one idol group is about to learn, this practice extends to their families.

Miniature Garden is an idol group based in Osaka and disbanding due to one of the member’s moms having “secret communication” with a male fan. While having communication isn’t necessarily bad, it’s what was said about the group’s members.

A member of Miniature Garden’s management wrote a blog post for fans revealing the bad news. Singer Ramu Takenouchi had a tearful phone call with the manager one night. He reveals that this isn’t uncommon since Ramu would usually call to vent and seek emotional support, but this call was different.

Ramu was messing around on her mom’s phone and discovered that she was maintaining frequent communication with a male Miniature Garden fan on the LINE app. This was a problem because Miniature Garden and their families are contractually forbidden from getting too close to fans.

Miniature Garden’s talent agency decided to talk to Ramu’s mom to discover how deep the relationship was. Ramu’s mom claimed that she and fan were only talking about Ramu’s well-being. Crisis averted, right?

Well, it turns out the Ramu’s mom and the fan weren’t all too concerned with Ramu. Instead, the pair would constantly badmouth the other four members of Miniature Garden and the group’s fans. Ironically, the two would insult fans of Ramu.

And that’s not the part that led to the group’s disbandment. Management was confident that they could have patched up the situation and keep Miniature Garden together. However, Ramu’s mom and the fan decided to spread rumors about the singers having sexual relationships with fans.

Ramu brought these rumors to two other members’ attention. The manager denies the rumors but revealed that the group will disband because the Ramu’s mom’s lies sowed seeds of distrust within the group.

The group will disband on July 17, which will end their 3-year existence. Ramu is retiring from the industry following their final performance while the other three members will pursue solo careers and performing with other idol groups.

The group’s manager revealed that they can ban him from concerts as long as they can still perform. Sadly, the damage was already done.

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