How Great Anime Shaped Us Into Who We Are

As I was scrolling through Twitter, an interesting tweet by GoBoiano caught my eye. It was a chart of the waifu wars throughout the years. Not only did it make me nostalgic for the anime of years past, but a comment also reminded me of how important anime is in influencing us as people.

This comment made me think of an old, and now-deleted post by the Tumblr blog “Everything is Ordinary“, which points out the lessons they’ve learned from the iconic Fullmetal Alchemist series. Which, I’m sure, a lot of you will be able to relate to – if not for FMA, maybe for another series.

What I learned from Fullmetal Alchemist:

Good people do bad things:

Good and evil are subjective:

Sometimes those you trust the most will hurt you the worst:

Bad things happen to good people:

Even those you love can die:

Life isn’t fair:

You can’t get something for nothing:

Don’t judge people by their outward appearance:

Don’t give up. Even when things are hard:

Don’t forget the people who helped you get where you are:

Hatred will destroy you:

People can change:

There are two sides to every story:

Even your enemies have feelings:

When the world is crashing down around you, it is okay to laugh:

… or cry:

Family comes in all shapes and sizes:

Big things come in small packages:

The truth is sometimes more frightening than you hoped:

Beauty can hide great strength:

Crying is not a weakness:

Expect the unexpected:

Sometimes you have to make a sacrifice in order to move forward:

Learn from your past. Don’t forget your mistakes:

I believe anime deserves more credit on how much it has influenced our lives. What anime series has shaped you as a person? And what lessons have you learned from anime?

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