Superfans Hate the ‘Hoshin Engi’ Anime So Much They’re Signing a Petition

Fans are no stranger to disappointing and terrible anime adaptations. Most viewers are content with airing their criticisms on social media or ignoring the anime exists, but one Hoshin Engi fan has mobilized fans to demand answers from the studio!

Motohara is a self-proclaimed “manga and anime-loving otaku,” and is a super fan of the Hoshin Engi manga. She claims to have loved the manga as a child and was looking forward to Hakyuu Hoshin Engi, which is a re-adaptation. An older anime was produced in 1999 but ended before the manga’s finale.

Hoshin Engi

After waiting 18 long years, Motohara eagerly watched the new adaptation’s premiere on January 12, which she absolutely hated. In fact, Motohara has started a petition demanding answers to why Hakyuu Hoshin Engi so bad.

She believes the anime’s story is “very strange” and the pacing doesn’t make sense. An example Motohara cites is in episode two: Bunchu’s scene and the fight between Taikobo and Nataku don’t make any sense due to story cuts. Also, beginning every episode with a tease of the same episode’s final scene doesn’t fit well into the story. Despite the story flaws, Motohara believes the anime has “pretty” animation and “lovely” voice actors.

Hoshin Engi

Motohara wants the anime’s staff to know that she isn’t the only one disappointed in the new adaptation – she states that online articles and other fans have shared similar views. She believes that if the Hakyuu Hoshin Engi staff wants to make a good series, they’ll stop production after the first 12-episodes, reassess their adaptation goals, and restart with the second cour. Currently, Hakyuu Hoshin Engi is slated for 23 episodes.

Hoshin Engi

1,453 fans have signed Motohara’s petition and it’s the cusps of crossing the 1,500 signature milestone. Hakyuu Hoshin Engi has been getting blasted by Japanese and international fans for rushing the story, which has made it impossible to follow even for manga fans. It’s doubtful the current production committee will have leeway to make changes, but maybe a far-future third adaptation could turn out better?

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