‘Hoshiiro Girldrop’ is This Season’s Adorable Rom-Com For All Fans

Hoshiiro Girldrop is this season’s adorable rom-com that fans will instantly fall in love with.

Hoshiiro Girldrop

The series follows Daichi Taira, a listless high school student whose parents are about to go abroad. Shortly before departing, Daichi’s mom relays that Sosogu Hoshifuri (an old childhood friend) is returning to the neighborhood.

After spending five years apart, Daichi is shocked to learn that Sosogu the center of the popular Drop Stars idol group…and that’s he is her fiance! It’s a generic setup that gives way to –

Pop Team Epic

Oh…I see…


So what exactly is Pop Team Epic?

Pop Team Epic Pop Team Epic Pop Team Epic Pop Team Epic Pop Team Epic

Pop Team Epic
Pack it up, they have fidget spinners!

It’s a lot of things – comprehensible isn’t among them. The fast-paced 4-panel is love (and hated) for its absurd humor, simple art style, and loads of pop culture references.

Before the anime’s debut, the Pop Team Epic staff and creator warned fans that the adaptation will be a kuso anime – basically, it’s going to be shitty and you’ll like it. It fits right in line with Bkub Okawa’s sense of humor, which borders on anti-humor at times.

Like the manga, there isn’t much story. Popuko (the short one) and Pipimi (the tall one) just go around performing skits. Some of them are funny and others fall flat, with most of your enjoyment stemming from understanding the references.

Not a lot of anime use absurd or anti-humor, so fans may have a tough time gauging expectations before diving in. A good litmus test would be if you enjoy Robot Chicken or Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! 

If you don’t know any of those two, then may God have mercy on your soul.

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