‘Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere’ is Getting an All-New OVA

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere is one of Japan’s top-selling franchises. There are an on-going 23 volume light novel series and a two-season anime, which was among the best-sellers in 2012.

Despite the story’s popularity, fans have been left begging for a new anime. Their prayers are about to be answered — kind of. Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere is getting an updated Blu-ray box set and it will contain an all-new OVA.

The box set will retail for 38,000 yen ($380) and will ship on December 21. It will contain the aftermentioned OVA, both anime seasons, an all-new novel written by creator Minoru Kawakami, and a CD with bonus music. Oh, and it will include English subtitles!

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere

Kawakami’s Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere is a sprawling ecchi sci-fi story that contains six “stages.” The anime is based on an arc that involves a rag-tag group of students attempting to reclaim their country. After Earth was rendered uninhabitable, outside of Japan, pocket dimensions were created to house all of humanity. Humans are left to “recreate history” to rediscover space travel, but an apocalypse is coming.

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere

Sunrise produced both seasons of Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere.

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