Here’s Your First Look at the ‘Nisekoi’ Live-Action Film

Are you ready to see the main cast of Nisekoi in costume? The movie’s first trailer was released and it contains footage of Raku, Chitoge, Marika, and Claude!


The popular Nisekoi series is a mismatch between Raku and Chitoge, both of which are from rival yakuza families. To prevent a deadly turf war, their parents force the two into a false relationship.

Here’s the main cast of the film, minus their costumes:

Kento Nakajima as Raku IchijouNisekoi Live-Action Raku

Nakajima’s fans know him for being a member of Sexy Zone, a J-pop group that debuted in 2011. He’s been attempting to build a film career and has stared as Yuugo Hachiken in Silver Spoon and Takumi Sakagami in The Anthem of the Heart.


Ayami Nakajo as Chitoge KirisakiNisekoi Live-Action Chitoge

Nakajou is a rising star in Japan’s film industry. She won the Best New Actress award at the 71st Mainichi Film Awards for her role in Setoutsumi and the Newcomer of the Year award at the 41st Japan Academy Prize for her role in Let’s Go, Jets!


Natumi Ikema as Kosaki OnoderaNisekoi Live-Action Onodera

Nisekoi will be Ikema’s first ever film role. After being cast in December, the 15-year-old rookie revealed how she was a fan of the manga during its serialization.


Haruka Shimazaki as Marika TachibanaNisekoi Live-Action Marika

Shimazaki is a former AKB48 member. She has carved out a TV drama career, having been in the popular Majisuka Gakuen series (which stars AKB48 members) and a minor role in HiyokkoNisekoi will be her first movie role since 2016’s Haunted Campus.


Yuta Kishi as Shuu MaikoNisekoi Live-Action Shuu

Kishi is an active member of the King & Prince J-pop group. He hasn’t acted in many roles, with 2016’s Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai and 2013’s Kamen Teacher being his most notable projects.


Hana Kawamura as Ruri MiyamotoNisekoi Live-Action Ruri

Like Ikema, Nisekoi will be Kawamura’s first film role. It’s fitting that the two rookies will be playing best-friends.


DAIGO as ClaudeNisekoi Live-Action Claude

DAIGO is a versatile talent, but he’s best known as the frontman of BREAKERZ. His acting credits include playing Yukichi Oishi in Love Shuffle, Shin in Stand Up!!, Ultraman Zero in Ultraman Saga, and voicing Sena Shougo in Love Stage!!


Aono Kaede as Seishirou TsugumiNisekoi Live-Action Tsugumi

Kaede is a fashion model who has been transitioning to a film career. Her previous two roles were Maki Akagi in High Kick Angels and Ran in Asura Girl: A Blood-C Tale.


Marika Matsumoto as Kyoko HiharaNisekoi Live-Action Kyoko

Matsumoto has the most acting experience of the cast. Her past roles include Yuka Morita in Reincarnation, Shoko in Cold Blood, Maya Toumi in Fafner in the Azure, Kazamori Sasa in Un-Go, and Rikku in Final Fantasy X.

Nisekoi will open in Japanese theaters on December 21.

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