You’ll be surprised what you can find in the GoBoiano community. Nadir Shirazi from Toronto, Canada, is a long-time GoBoiano fan who has been working on his own anime project.

We reached out to Nadir to find out more about himself and his awesome project in a GoBoiano-first exclusive.

Kryz: How long have you been a fan of GoBoiano?

Nadir: I have been following GoBoiano for a long time! I even tried to get into the Beta but no luck. I like the quick posts and I love the lists. Aaron Magulick’s posts are exceptional, so much industry insight. His articles helped me come up with “LITE anime”. I would love to connect with Aaron!


Kryz: What is this anime you’re working on? What inspired you to start the project?

Nadir: So the title of it is called MultiFacet. Three years ago I finished Season 1 of The Legend of Korra, and I was overwhelmed with how dynamic it was. From that day, I wanted to make an anime, mind you I couldn’t draw, had zero animation contacts in Japan or even in Toronto.

Kryz: What is MultiFacet about?

Nadir: The high level overview of the series is that it is a world divided between extreme forms of religion and secularism and there is only one source of water left in the world. People could also manipulate light using prism and convert it into usable objects.


Kryz: Starting an anime, especially outside Japan, is difficult. How did you go about it?

Nadir: I just dove in and kept experimenting, first with story ideas, then with a concept artist, then I tried an animation studio in India who was terrible. In February 2014 I was referred to an animation studio in Toronto and they redid the art and helped me create 3 seconds of high quality animation, which I used to raise $21,000 on Kickstarter.

Kryz: I noticed your characters are different ethnicities. Tell me more about that.

Nadir: I have been having literally hundreds of conversations on social media about that! I am winning a lot of fans because the story is unique and the characters have different skin tones.


Kryz: There’s sort of a stigma in the anime community against animation from the West or anywhere outside of Japan, how do you deal with that?

Nadir: Anime, as we use it in the West, doesn’t even mean the same thing in Japan where anime = animation. Saying that something like RWBY or MultiFacet isn’t really “anime” is like saying that it isn’t really pizza if it is not from Italy. Or that you can’t use Hip Hop if you are not from New York or Los Angeles.


Kryz: Is this thought related to the “LITE Anime” you mentioned before?

Nadir: LITE anime is a whole new genre that is about to emerge and I see other creators like me experimenting with production and trying to create our own western industry. Forget about 22 episode season which will cost millions, instead we focus on every second and build creative stories.

Right now in Japan the model is first a manga, light novel or video game, then an anime rehashes it. I thought “Wait! Why can’t anime tell one part of the story first then continue in other cheaper mediums like sound, motion comics, writing, and use new interfaces.” An interactive transmedia experience.

My goal is to turn LITE anime into an accessible movement, with hundreds of stories. Our own Western anime industry.


Kryz: Do you have any advice for people who also want to create their own anime or manga?

Nadir: I have two pieces of advice. First, you have to be more than a creator you have to be a producer. You have to put together funds and people. Anyone can come up with an idea but how executable is your content? Second, it sounds silly, but follow my Facebook page. I am starting to go over the last three years of my life to share it with people to learn from my wins and mistakes.

Thank you for the wonderful interview Nadir! If you like Nadir’s work and would like to support him, you can visit his website at

You can also follow Nadir Shirazi and MultiFacet on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr

Stay tuned for more GoBoiano spotlights on the people that make GoBoiano an active and fun community!

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