Girls Und Panzer Manga Guide To Complete Your Experience

Reddit user Chariotwheel has created a nifty guide to understanding which Girls und Panzer manga is right for you

Girls Und Panzer is ending with a bang and a lot of fans are still craving for more tank-fueled adventures and hi-jinks. One way to satisfy our need for more GuP is through the many spin-off manga series that occur in the same universe.

Reddit user Chariotwheel has created a nifty guide to understanding which Girls und Panzer manga is right for you – even going as far as arranging them chronologically to fit the stories in with the main anime and manga series. Here is Chariotwheel‘s guide in full:

Pre-Girls und Panzer Season 1:

Little Army | 8 chapters | Finished
Little Army is a prequel showing Miho’s time in middle school, her previous circle of friends and her relationship with Maho. It’s entertaining but plays bit much of easily resolved drama. Nevertheless it grants an interesting insight into the past and shaping of our protagonist.


During Girls und Panzer Season 1:

Gekitou! Maginot-sen desu!! | 11 chapters | Finished
Set after episode 4 of the anime, it shows the troubles of the french Maginot school that struggles with it altered doctrine and change of leader, transforming its traditional defensive tactics into mobile ones. They answer a call for a training match against Oorai to get their tactics straight. It gives a nice insight into a school we didn’t see so far and adds another step into Oorai’s path of learning proper tankery.


Post-Girls und Panzer Season 1:

Ribbon Warrior | 10 chapters | Ongoing
The gem of the Girls und Panzer spin-off manga. Ribbon Warrior is about underground Panzer battles without oversight from the Senshado Federation. The protagonist is a smug, magnificent bastard without scruple. She is riding a single tank with her friend and faces vastly superior enemies with cunning and batshit insane tactics. Do you want to see a confident main character putting her enemies into a cold sweat? Do you want to see how others may view Oorai and Miho? Don’t skip this manga.


Little Army II | 13 chapters | Finished
A continuation of Little Army I, but with Miho’s german friend in the leading role. As she returned from Germany she learned from the victory of her old friend and tries to get the tankery club of her new school together. Sadly the show is run down and full of delinquents, with two rival gangs occupying the tank garage. She needs to get everyone together and forge them into a team that can compete in a small tournament where the winner gets to meet the winner of the nationals – Miho.


All Over The Timeline:

Motto Love Love Sakusen desu! | 30 Chapters | On-Going
A 4-koma gag manga with hilarious pieces of the daily life of the tank schools. From other people trying to imitate Katyusha riding Nonna and Darjeeling being Darjeeling, to very odd Christmas celebrations and amazing ship teases. And god bless this manga for the amount of Anzio.

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