We are fast approaching the conclusion of Gintama. The anime has been around since 2005’s Jump Festa and will begin adapting the final “Silver Soul Arc” in January.


The debut window and trailer were released after the initial announcement of the “Silver Soul Arc” adaptation plans. Mangaka Hideaki Sorachi has been writing the final arc since 2016.

The Gintama anime is currently in the “Porori-hen” arc, which is adapting previously skipped comedy chapters.


Sorachi launched Gintama in 2004 and it has been a mainstay on yearly top-sellers charts. The comedy-parody-action-adventure-science fiction series follows Sakata Gintoki, who was once a feared samurai in the Joi War, but an alien invasion that led to a ban on swords has forced him to become an errand boy. Together with Kagura and Shinpachi, the trio runs various errands (and avoid copyright infringement) to pay their rent.

Are you ready for the final arc?

SOURCEAnimate Times
Aaron Magulick
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