Gamers! Blends Rom-Com with Reality of Fandom Clash

Want to know a dirty secret? Hobbies play a strong role in shaping your personality. It’s not the hobby alone, but your relationship with it and the surrounding community. Gamers! does a great job highlighting this phenomenon.


Gamers! presents three conflicting views people have about hobbies: leisure, identity, and community. The main characters Keita, Tasuku, and Karen represent these contrasting opinions. And is there a better hobby for these characters than gaming?

Video games have been a part of the mainstream pop culture for at least a decade and it has attracted people from different backgrounds. Gamers, as with any other hobbyist, have their own views about how people should approach the community.


Keita just wants to have fun, Karen wants to build a vibrant community at the risk of being judgemental, and Tasuku wants to stay hidden from mainstream eyes. These core views can be found within any hobby, including anime, music, comics, and model building.

One view isn’t presented as being better than the other, which makes Gamers! relatable to a wide net of viewers. If you were a victim of bullying for your hobby in the past, you might side with Tasuku. On the flip side, people thinking hobbies should be a fun way to kill time and people should be left alone agree with Keita’s feelings.


Gamers! does a great talking about any hobby’s worst enemy: fellow hobbyists. Keita, Tasuku, and Karen are video game fans, but how they approach their hobby is at odds with each other. Interestingly, they are drawn to each other on a personal level. As friends, they want to share their love for games with each other, but they simply can’t right now due to their conflicting opinions.

Gamers! has done a great job introducing the core views while maintaining a light, romantic-comedy feel. Yes, you have characters using their hobby to discover their identities, but there are plenty of fuzzy moments.


There is plenty of time for Gamers! to build on the interesting conflict and how they handle their characters. While the anime is a romantic comedy at heart, it has a hook that can elevate it past its competitors.

Aaron Magulick
Aaron Magulick has been a fan of anime ever since being exposed to it in the late '90s. A fan of nearly all genres, he is not afraid to explore the creepier side of the industry.
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