Full Russian Alchemist Creates Homunculus

Anime isn’t really real…yet…though scientists are making them real, one by one.

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Waifus aren’t real, but they will be…


So one man, a Russian Home Alchemist named Korney, decided to make a Homunculus.

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Yep, Homunculus. A real one…and it’s alive.

I did my research and here’s a brief explanation of homunculus:
Homunculus means “Little Man” in Latin. It was first created by a German Alchemist named Theophrastus von Hohenheim in the 16th Century. Basically, a homunculus is born when a human sperm meets an animal egg. Alchemist Korney recreated that experiment, using human sperm and a chicken egg.

“But weight! Isn’t it a hybrid of two different species supposed to be called a ‘chimera’? You know…Nina and Alex?”

Well, yes and no. In the anime logic, Nina and Alex are called a human chimera formed by human transmutation, and a homunculus is brought into existence through forbidden alchemy.

In real-life logic, chimeras are a result of a mutation in the zygote stage and a homunculus is brought into existence by mixing human sperm and animal egg. While both sound very different, they have the same concept of crossbreeding.

Fullmetal Alchemist
But I’ll show you anyway…

This is the first Homunculus video he made. Here he explained how to make a homunculus. He also showed the homunculus he created. He later explained in the next episode that the first homunculus died because it was weak.

It’s actually a documentary series, and I don’t really want to spoil you on what happened on the later videos…

I want you to be surprised and dumbfounded as I am as I watched those.

But his last upload is on August 1, 2017, where the Homunculi he made started to spit something (he thinks is either acid or feces) after he was feeding it with meat slathered in HUMAN BLOOD.

You know very well what Full Metal Alchemist has taught us when it comes to Human Transmutation and Human Alchemy…

Here is the link to his Homunculi playlist. Keep in note that he’s a Russian, so the language is Russian, but we have translators that translated what he says to English. Just keep the captions turned on.

About the discussion, I don’t really know what to ask, so I just want your opinions. Is this real life? Is this just fantasy? Or it was just actually Dio?

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