French Manga ‘Radiant’ to Get an Anime Adaptation [Updated]

Update 01/26/2017: Radiant creator Tony Valente has confirmed that his series will not be getting an anime. French Journalist Paul Giner received bad information from his sources at Ankama, which led to an unfortunately false announcement of a Radiant anime.


French artist Tony Valente can be viewed as a pioneer of sorts. His Radiant series, which uses a manga aesthetic, was the first French manga to be published in Japan.

Now, Radiant is getting a Japanese anime adaptation with backing from NHK Japan! Details are slim, but Valente enters an exclusive club of foreign artists that have had their works adapted into an anime.

Radiant follows an orphan named Seth and a group of witches searching for the “radiant,” which can be used to summon monsters. Their hunt for the radiant draws the attention of The Inquisition.


The French manga is styled like a shounen series, which Valente is a self-proclaimed fan of. In fact, his largest inspiration is Yusuke Murata (Eyeshield 21One Punch Man), who would later champion Radiant and helped bring it to Japan.


NHK Japan is aiming for a late-2018 air date for Radiant.

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