Filthy Frank & Lil Yachty Talk About Japan & Yu-Gi-Oh!

George Miller (aka Joji & Filthy Frank) and Lil Yachty have become icons of the “Soundcloud Music” genre. It’s an outsider musical movement that challenges a listener’s perception of hip-hop and music culture. Plus, these two are huge geeks.

Joji & Yachty

Both musicians have been embraced by the anime fandom for their candid personalities, outsider status, and openness about nerd culture.

88rising is a new media company, and record label focused on the intersections of Asian and hip-hop culture and had a really fun interview with Joji and Lil Yachty. The full video enters NSFW territory, like talking about Japanese bathhouses and Atlanta strip clubs, but they do get a little into anime culture. Here are some of the highlights!

Lil Yachty’s Upcoming Japan Trip

Joji & Yachty

Lil Yachty is planning on going to Japan. He’s never been there (or eaten Japanese food before), but he’s expecting bright lights, tall buildings, and fantastic fashion. However, Joji gives him a great travel trip: visit places outside of Tokyo!

“Areas that aren’t Tokyo that are a little grittier…gots some like weirder shit. Like Soapland.”

Joji on How Japanese React to Interracial People

Joji & Yachty

Being an Australian-Japanese growing up in Japan, Joji recalls that kids would treat him differently because he was half-white. Even half-black Japanese kids were treated as outcasts because they look so differently from full Japanese kids.

Lil Yachty reacts by saying that if he was Asian, he would have Trunk’s hairstyle. I think we all should aspire to have that hair.



Joji & Yachty

Joji and Lil Yachty struggle to have an impromptu Yu-Gi-Oh! duel, but they can’t figure out the rules. One thing is for certain though: it’s better than the Pokemon card game.


You can watch Joji and Lil Yachty’s full interview below!

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