Fans Can Revive ‘El-Hazard’ in a New Crowdfunding Campaign

El-Hazard often gets lost in the shuffle when fans wax nostalgic about ’90s anime. Alongside Inuyasha, it helped popularize the isekai genre and helped familiarize fantasy tropes that are seen today.

El-Hazard: The Dual World

Well, studio AIC is hoping to revive El-Hazard after nearly two decades of silence. They are planning on launching a crowdfunding campaign to drum up interest in a new entry.

El-Hazard: The Dual World will initially be a five-minute pilot film that will be used to pitch a full project. AIC is aiming to raise 5 million yen ($45,000) for the pilot and they already have a committee that will partially fund it if the campaign is successful. With enough fan support, AIC hopes to score funding for a full anime, which they say will cost about 200 million yen ($1.81 million).

El-Hazard: The Dual World will have two protagonists with an intertwined story. Naoto is a popular thickheaded student whose life is upended due to a mysterious cat. Farasha is an airhead who dreams of becoming the student council president. Their worlds collide due to the collapse of The Eye of God.El-Hazard

AIC has been attempting to reboot various past franchises to celebrate their 35th anniversary. Other proposed projects include Magazone 23 sinMegazone 23 XI, and Sasami 14 (part of the Tenchi Muyo! and Pretty Sammy franchises)

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