Fans are Geeking Over Michael B. Jordan Coming Out as an Anime Fan

Everyone is talking about Michael B. Jordan’s breakout role as Killmonger in Black Panther.



One fan mentioned Killmonger’s eerie similarities to Dragon Ball Z‘s Vegeta.

It’s not just Killmonger’s armor that has fans geeking, but their personalities too! Both serve as prideful rivals to the main hero, seek power to avenge their royal father’s death, and will manipulate others for their own gain. However, it’s worth noting that Killmonger has been around in comics longer than Vegeta has.


Shortly after, fans dug up an old interview Jordan had with Vogue where he shares his love of Japanese culture.

Michael B Jordan Michael B Jordan Michael B Jordan



Fans began digging even deeper. In a different interview, Jordan revealed that anime is his guilty pleasure.


In fact, he’s been leaving a breadcrumb trail for years in different interviews.

Speaking to, Jordan said he spends his off days binge-watching anime. Jordan also told The Irish Examiner that he catches up on new manga every Tuesday and Thursday. When he’s not indulging in Japanese entertainment, he’s reading American comic books.


One of the more entertaining revelations is that he used to live Tweet while reading the latest chapters of Naruto and Bleach.






Jordan’s anime obsession has led to new fans to come out of the woodwork, and older fans to feel a little salty.



Time to add Jordan to the long list of celebrity anime fans!

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