Fairy Tail Creator is Sick of “Fans Getting at Each Other’s Throats” When Shipping

Anime and manga fans can become very passionate. It can get to the point when fans get downright nasty to each other. Topics of waifu, shipping, and even tastes are fertile grounds for fan wars.

Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima has took to Twitter to air his concerns, especially with shippers.


Fairy Tail

“I see requests to make certain characters couples, like, daily on social media. Even authors who do not use social media have opportunites to read fan mail. But authors cannot fulfill every wish their fans have. We have our own conviction when creating our stories. It thrills us when our fans go crazy about potential couplings, but we authors do not want to see our fans getting at each other’s throats over these matters.

On a sidenote: if you hate the characters [of Fairy Tail], you can freely direct your anger at me. I think one shouldn’t take it out on the people who make the anime or love the anime’s characters. Throwing dirt, even onto your favorite character, is a sad thing, isn’t it? Coupling your own couples should be a fun thing, no? Please get along and have fun!”

Fairy Tail

No matter your opinion on Fairy Tail or Mashima’s other works, you have to admit that he makes a solid point about how shipping should be a fun thing, not a topic for fans to argue over.

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Aaron Magulick
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