Experience the Thrill of an Anime Girl’s Touch in ‘Tsun-Tsun VR’

Have you ever spotted a cutie walking down the street and thought to yourself, “Damn, I’d really love for her to poke my chest right about now.”

Fear no more kind stranger, because you no longer have to risk your reputation with such an exotic request! Instead, you can prance on home, slide on a VR headset, and have an anime girl go to town with her slender fingers.

The developers at IVR has released Tsun-Tsun VR on Steam. This program simulates the thrill of being poked by a feisty girl named Koino Katsiki. Oh, and she hugs you sometimes.

You need to pair your VR headset with a tactile feedback vest, or else there’s no point.

IVR plans on adding different avatars and support for additional feedback devices. For now, you’ll have to settle for Katsiki’s pokes. Or you could ask strangers, whatever floats your boat.

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