I Want to Eat Your Pancreas has anime fans hyped and for good reasons! Despite the odd title, it has the makings of becoming a fantastic romance-drama film that will bring you to tears.

The original novel has already been adapted into both a manga and a live-action movie, so it already has a dedicated following. However, there are reasons that anime-only fans and the uninitiated should be excited!


1It features a setup full of FEELS.

Not a lot of romance center around topics as heavy as terminal illness, but Kimi no Suizou o Tabetai (Let Me Eat Your Pancreas I Want to Eat Your Pancreas) dives headfirst into exploring if you have the courage to love someone knowing you will lose them.

It begins with an unnamed boy finding a medical notebook belonging to his classmate Sakura. After reading it, he discovers that Sakura has a terminal pancreatic illness and only has a few months left to live. Sakura tries to maintain a regular school life despite the prognosis. Despite possessing a cold personality, the boy decides to do something out of character: spend time with Sakura.


2The story knows how to lighten the mood.

A girl in the final stages of a disease isn’t exactly comedy fodder, but author Yoru Sumino manages to work in humor to balance the pain.

Sakura is aware of her impending death and she copes with it by using humor. It’s refreshingly realistic considering real-life terminal patients are known to use deadpan, dark humor to cope with their situation. However, some viewers may feel uncomfortable with her comedy that blurs the line between her jokes and real thoughts like Sakura wondering about “buying a rope that won’t leave a scar”.


3There’s immense character growth.

Kimi no Suizou o Tabetai is billed as a coming-of-age story and that’s due to the boy’s actions. Before meeting Sakura, he’s content with blending into the background and simply existing. However, we come to see him appreciate life more as he spends time with Sakura.


4The source material is critically and commercially acclaimed.

Sumino came out of nowhere with Kimi no Suizou o Tabetai. The story was initially serialized as a web novel in 2014 before being published in print in 2015. Over 2 million copies are in print right now, which is insane for a newer work.

A two-volume manga adaptation and a live-action movie were produced in 2016 and 2017 respectively. We’re also getting an anime movie that’ll open on September 1st.

It’s not often that a story receives this much fanfare in such a short period of time, but not many works contain as powerful of a message as Kimi no Suizou o Tabetai.


5A young and talented staff is producing the movie.

It’s only fitting that relative newcomers are producing the Kimi no Suizou o Tabetai movie.

Shin’ichirou Ushijima is writing the script and making his directorial debut with the film. Before this, he has worked on Death Parade (directed episode 4), One Punch Man (directed episodes 2, 6, and 10), and Hunter x Hunter (assistant director for episodes 90-148).

Yuuichi Oka is serving as the film’s animation director and character designer. They have experience working as the animation director on Eromanga-sensei, the To Love-Ru franchise, and New Game!

The film will star Lynn (Ena Komiya in Just Because! / Yumiko Samejima in A Place Further Than The Universe) as Sakura and live-action actor Mahiro Takasugi (Kamen Rider Ryugen in Kamen Rider Gaim) as the boy.

The animation will be produced by the newcomer studio VLON, whose only credits include Ushio to Tora and Idol Incidents.

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