Espeon & Umbreon Join MOVIC’s “Eevee Trainer” Project

This past April saw The Pokemon Company and merchandiser MOVIC teaming up to celebrate Eevee. Various illustrators were tasked with drawing different Eeveelutions and their trainers.

After a few months of waiting, MOVIC published two new designs involving Espeon and Umbreon.

Pokemon - Espeon


Pokemon - Umbreon


Vapereon and Jun Shimizu by Yumenouchi

Vapereon and Jun Shimizu by Yumenouchi


Glaceon and Rei Usui by Dan Ichikawa (Shoboshobo Man)Glaceon by Dan Ichikawa (Shoboshobo Man)


Eevee and Yuki Fukuma by Kuraen Mori (Kizuna Ai character designer)Eevee and Yuki Fukuma by Kuraen Mori (Kizuna Ai character designer)


Sylveon and Hikaru Momoyama by Mengo Yokoyari (Scum’s Wish)Sylveon and Hikaru Momoyama by Mengo Yokoyari (Scum’s Wish)


Flareon and Miyabi Endou by Nakahara (Fate franchise)Pokemon - Flareon



Jolteon and Kouga Ikazuchi by Nachi Aono (THEO)Pokemon - Jolteon


There’s still a handful of Eeveelutions that still need to be revealed. What are your favorites so far?

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