Elon Musk’s Vision For The Future Sounds A Lot Like ‘Ghost in the Shell’

Elon Musk, the futurologist entrepreneur behind Tesla and SpaceX, recently shared his vision of Neurolink. The artificial intelligence company has been shrouded in secrecy since its founding in 2016 — and probably for good reason.

Elon Musk

The company’s goal, according to IT Munch, is to “save the human race” by implanting a chip into your brain that will give you instant digital information as a means to incorporate artificial intelligence into your body. Basically, it’s the building blocks of Ghost in the Shell.

Musk believes that humanity is doomed if we can’t expand beyond out intellectual limits, and his chip can help. It’s not just expanding your mind, but your body as well. Neurlink’s first ambitious goal is to create a microchip that can help cure dementia and paralysis. The company allegedly has the data to cure neurological ailments, but creating and implementing the tech is a different matter.

Once the first generation of chips have been created and successfully implemented, Musk would like to see used to grow humanity’s potential. Musk argues that “complete symbiosis with artificial intelligence” can help us solve large-scale issues plaguing the world.

He also has a preemptive counter for pesky ethical questions about what makes humanity and machines different. In an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience last September, Musk argued that smartphones have turned us into quasi-cyborgs. Most people use their phones to store memories in the form of pictures and videos, as well as to answer questions.

Ghost in the Shell

Humanity, he believes, took a leap in intelligence with the adoption of smartphones. We have nearly limitless information in our hands at all times, so why not put that into your brain? The neuroface that Neuralink would develop could lead to instantaneous thought process we never thought possible. It could also be linked to bioimplants and augmentations that could expand our bodily capabilities.

You know, kind of like those sweet cyber-bodies from Ghost in the Shell.

Aaron Magulick
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