‘Dropkick on my Devil!’ Fans Need to Buy Box Sets For a 2nd Season

Are you enjoying Dropkick on my Devil! (Jashin-chan Dropkick)? The comedy series about a gothic lolita-clad witch and her demon minion has been winning fans on social media.

Drop Kick on my Devil!

Studio Nomad is producing the 12-episode anime and they are gearing up to release the Blu-ray box sets. Their official Twitter page is urging fans to purchase the box sets, which are exclusive to Amazon, if they want to see a second season made in the future.

Japanese home video releases are notorious for being expensive, but Dropkick on my Devil! is taking a different approach. The anime’s first six episodes are being bundled with a 10-page mini-manga, a pamphlet, a soundtrack CD, and bonus video content. The Blu-ray set retails for 19,000 yen ($170) and the DVD set is 17,000 yen ($150). That’s cheaper than most sets, which typically include only 2 episodes.

Nomad hasn’t shared what their sales threshold is before a sequel is green-lit. For now, we’ll have to wait and see how many fans come out to support the anime.

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