‘Dragon Ball Super’ Public Screenings Draw Thousands of Latin American Fans

Saturday was a huge day for Dragon Ball Super fans as Ultra Instinct Goku fought against Jiren. The decisive battle sets up the anime’s finale next week and fans around the world were excited about it!

Streaming sites had clogged servers and online viewing parties were being hosted, but fans throughout Latin America took things to a new level. The various local governments held public screenings of episode 130, with one Ecuadorian city drawing over 10,000 fans to an outdoor streaming party.

Fans and their governments were hyping up the public screenings throughout the week, treating the Goku v Jiren showdown as a boxing match with custom posters.


Fans took to social media to share the excitement of their community coming together to watch the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super. Here are some of the scenes from Saturday:


While the fans looked like they had a great time, Toei Animation wasn’t too happy about the public screenings.

Toei Animation Tweeted a statement in English and Spanish days before the episode’s premiere. They told fans that they didn’t authorize the public screenings, which is a violation of copyright laws and licensing. Due to Toei’s words, all of the screenings are deemed illegal.


The Embassy of Japan in Mexico even sent out memos demanding the events be canceled.

The Japanese Embassy sent requests for cancelations two days before the screenings swept through Mexico. They warn, “The government of Japan is aware that episode 130 and episode 131 of the Dragon Ball Super series, whose copyright belongs to Japanese company Toei Animation, will be shown in public places and places without the author’s due authorization.”

Some of the communities decided to cancel their public screenings after Toei’s statement – obviously most didn’t.

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