Dragon Ball Super: Broly Reveals New Trailer

Toei Animation, via IGN, released a brand new English trailer at San Diego Comic Con for Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The trailer shows off the titular villain overpowering both Goku and Vegeta.

The story picks up from where the Dragon Ball Super series left off, making Broly’s character canon, which is exciting for old fans of the franchise.

Broly has appeared as the villain in multiple Dragon Ball Z movies and video games, but he has never appeared in the manga nor the series. His movies did not connect cohesively to the plots of the main series either.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

It’s reported that Akira Toriyama himself is reworking and updating the character’s classic image to fit in with the modern canon to bring in new Broly fans while satisfying his older ones as well.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly hits Japanese theaters on December 14th and will get a US and Canadian release January 2019. A remaster of the original 1993 movie will be in North American theaters this September.

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