‘Do You Like Your Mom?’ Light Novel Has Gifts For Your Mom

Remember the Do You Like Your Mom? Her Normal Attack is Two Attacks at Full Power light novel that was dominating Japanese sales charts? The first volume sold 12,889 copies in days, which is crazy!

Do You Like Your Mom?

Well, author Dachima Inaka is getting ready to release the second volume of the series and publisher Animate is running a very special campaign to help it out. If you bring your mom (or a picture of her) while purchasing the first volume, you’ll get a special photo of Mamako Ousuki, the mom of the series.

But, if you purchase the second volume, you’ll get message card with Mamako’s picture on it. Fans will also be entered into a lottery to win an oppai mousepad. But remember, you have to bring mommy.

Do You Like Your Mom?

Okay, not really. Animate ran a similar promo when volume one of Do You Like Your Mom? came out, and fans claimed that you bring a photo of an anime mom and you’ll still receive the bonuses.

Animate is also running a promo for fans of incest. If you bring your little sister (or a picture of your alleged sibling) while buying volumes one or two of The One I Like is a Little Sister But Not My Little Sister, and you’ll receive a special photo of Suzuka, the little sister of the series. This series follows Suzuka as she writes a light novel about a girl who dotes on her older brother. For research, she tries to date her older brother, but he only pays attention because he loves the fictional little sister. It’s cray.

The One I Like is a Little Sister But Not My Little Sister

If you decide to prank buy the third volume with your little sister, you’ll get a greeting card.

Animate knows that this event is a little silly, but they are also running a special Twitter campaign encouraging fans to actually thank their moms and sisters. Fans tweeting a nice message about their mom or sister (along with a pic, which has me thinking an editor is desperate) with the hashtag #大好きお母さん or #大好き妹 (I love my mom / I love my little sis) between April 20 and April 30 will receive a flower bouquet. Your mom will get carnations and your sister will get something “inspired by her.”

Do You Like Your Mom?

So yeah…send those pics!

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