‘Detective Conan’ is Going on a 4-Week Hiatus

Gosho Aoyama is putting Detective Conan on a four-week hiatus as he conducts research for a new storyline. The manga recently resumed from a nine-week hiatus due to a previous round of research.

Detective Conan

Aoyama is infamous for putting Detective Conan on various holds to research crimes and locations to add authenticity to storylines. Despite taking multiple hiatuses in any given year, Detective Conan enjoys unprecedented success to the believability and details of the stories.

Detective Conan has been ongoing since 1994, and there are currently 95 collected volumes. The story Conan Edogawa, the alias of detective Shinichi Kudo. His body was shrunk after being poisoned by a crime syndicate, but it doesn’t deter Edogawa from solving crimes. His end goal is to bring down the Black Organization, but he is willing to help police agencies solve crimes that have them stumped.

Detective Conan

TMS has been producing a long-running anime that’s been airing since 1996. It currently has 927 episodes, making it the 16th longest-running anime of all-time.

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