Date Literal “Shit Guys” in Upcoming ‘Unko Danshi’ Game

Nobody loves toilet humor more than Japan — they even have a children’s series dedicated to poop!

‘Unko-san: Tsuiteru Hito ni Shika Mienai Yousei’ follows a lucky turd sharing good fortune around town.

But what’s better than toilet humor? Personifying everyday objects! So, what not combine the two?

Late Night! The Genius Bakabon is a revival of a classic gag series that is filled with slapstick humor, puns, and irreverent references to bodily functions. The series is home to a popular in-universe otome game called Unko Danshi: Dokidoki Share House (Poop Boys: Heart-Pounding Share House) that turn turds into cute guys.

Unko Danshi: Dokidoki Share House

The Late Night! The Genius Bakabon anime staff is turning the in-joke into a reality and are launching a browser version of this game — soon you can date your shit! To celebrate the impending drop, they want fans to vote for “the most satisfying poo (boy)”.

There’s Normal Poo, Hard Poo, Swirly Poo Twins, Diarrhetic Poo, and Barium Poo. The choices to be had!

Late Night! The Genius Bakabon

Voting ends on December 31 — but there’s some splashback. You can only enjoy Unko Danshi: Dokidoki Share House if you buy the second Blu-ray or DVD set on November 30. Yep, this game is locked behind an access key that is only available in that set. How crappy!

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