Could You Survive this Mangaka’s Work Schedule?

Gosho Aoyama is among the most successful and well-known mangaka around the world. During his 30-year (and counting) career, Aoyama has created beloved series Magic KaitoYaiba, and Detective Conan.

Detective Conan

Shogakukan released a book to celebrate Aoyama’s 30th anniversary as a mangaka, and it included a section dedicated to his taxing work schedule.

Aoyama works 20-hours a day and five days per week drawing the latest chapter of Detective Conan. He reveals that he only sleeps three hours a day, but is generous enough to allow himself a 30-minute break when he’s ahead of schedule. Three 15-minute meal breaks are also taken.

Aoyama spends the other two days a week drawing storyboards for upcoming chapters. He swears that creating storyboards are an easy task and he only spends 8 hours a day working on them. The storyboard days are spent catching up on sleep, in which he hibernates for 12 hours a day.

Detective Conan

Aoyama reassures fans that he can have fun and that when not catching up on sleep, he dedicates four hours a day to “private time.” He spends a chunk of these hours playing Kantai Collection.

Aoyama is not a one-man wrecking crew. He has six assistants who help perform various tasks, like bringing him salads or helping draw backgrounds.

Once every three weeks, Aoyama hosts prep meetings to prepare for new story arcs. With all being said, Aoyama spends three weeks a month on storyboarding and drawing chapters, followed by one-week prep work for a new arc.

Detective Conan

If you are worried about Aoyama’s family life, you don’t need to fret. He’s been happily divorced since 2007.

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