CoMix Wave Films’ ‘Shikioriori’ Anime Anthology Teases Story Details

CoMix Wave Films, the studio behind Makoto Shinkai’s film, shared the first trailer Shikioriori. The anthology film is a collaboration with Haoliners Animation League (To Be Hero The Silver Guardian).

Shikioriori consists of three short-film that focuses on the themes of food, clothing, and shelter. The shorts art set in three different Chinese cities and are lead by different production teams.

Hidamari no Choushoku follows a young man named Shaomin who is working in Bejing, with story cuts to a grandmother in his hometown. Live-action director Jiaoshou Yi Xiaoxing (Surprise) will make his animated directorial debut with the short.

Chiisana Fashion Show follows sisters Irin and Lulu as they live in Guangzhou. Irin is a fashion model. Yoshitaka Takeuchi, who provides the CGI on many of Shinkai’s films, is directing the short.

Shanghai Koi follows Rimo and his crush Shiaoyu in ’90s Shanghai. The short will be an homage to 5 Centimeters Per Second, and it will be directed by Li Haoling (To Be Hero).


Shikioriori will have a limited theatrical release in Japan on August 4.

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