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CloverWorks is No Longer Working Under A-1 Pictures

Up until now, they've been working under A-1 Pictures -- but not anymore!

The 15 Most Binge-Worthy Manga Series as Chosen by Japan

Goo Ranking asked over 8,000 Japanese fans to vote for the most binge-worthy manga. Here are the top choices!

Real Life ‘Mario Kart’ Company Loses Lawsuit Against Nintendo

You may have seen videos on social media showcasing Super Mario cosplayer racing through the bustling streets in go-karts.

The 9 Original Anime Series That Will Excite Fans This Fall

There's nothing more exciting than a new slate of original anime!

The 7 Romance Anime That Fans Will Watch This Fall

The fall 2018 season is about to bring some interesting romance series to fans! Not only do we have a pair of rom-coms, but...

Sibling Rom-Com ‘The One I Love is a Little Sister’ Cancels...

The first episode's early premiere is canceled due to "production issues."

You May Never Want a Live-Action ‘Berserk’ Due to This Ad

You've never wanted a live-action Berserk adaptation before...and you still might not want it...

Skrillex & Hikaru Utada Are Working on the ‘Kingdom Hearts III’...

Square Enix revealed that Skrillex and Hikaru Utada are teaming up for Kingdom Heart III's opening song! https://twitter.com/KINGDOMHEARTS/status/1045523584440061952 "Face My Fears" is slated to drop on January...

Naruto Voice Actor Hikaru Miyata has Passed Away

Voice actor Hikaru Miyata has sadly passed away at the age of 87 while at a Tokyo hospital on Sunday at 6:45 am JST....

Final ‘Sound! Euphonium’ Movie to Debut Next Spring

Kyoto Animation is will debut the final arc of Sound! Euphonium this April.

‘Higurashi’ Fan Can Play the Full Story on PS4 in 2019

PS4 owners will soon be able to experience the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni story!

Bowsette is Getting Her Own Convention in Japan

Just when you thought the Bowsette trend couldn't get any bigger, something new crops up! First, a single webcomic from Haniwa spawned an entire movement...

Fan Artists All Over the Web are in Love with Bowsette

It's been a week since Bowsette blew up on the internet and the love just continues to pour for everyone's favorite genderbent turtle princess....

‘Kill la Kill the Game’ Features an All-New Story Staring Satsuki

Fans are dreaming of playing through their favorite series as Ryuko, but Satsuki fans have a lot to cheer about!
Bowsette Mangaka Cover

Even Your Favorite Manga Artist is Loving Bowsette

Bowsette is this month's trendy waifu, and by the gods is she trending hard!

8 Cosplays You Can Use for Halloween Parties with ‘Normies’

Even in the year of our Lord Haruhi Madoka Aqua of 2018, not everyone is yet a fan of anime (shocking, I know!) and...

Bowsette is Coming to Take Over Your Social Media Feed

How did this wonderous creation come to be?

The Fall 2018 Season Will Be Huge For Sequel Fans

Anime fans love sequels, and why wouldn't they?

‘Re:Zero’ Gets a New OVA That’s All About Emilia

"Frozen Bonds" ("Hyouketsu no Kizuna") will be about Emilia and Puck's first meeting, which takes place before the main story!