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The 18 Laws of Anime That Happen in Almost Every Series

We love anime, including all of its tropes!
Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Gets a Manga Makeover For “Spring Manga Festival”

Manga publisher Kodansha has teamed up with Tokyo Disneyland for the Spring Manga Festival.

15 Anime that Look Like Rip-Offs at First Glance

*Sniff sniff* You smell that? That is the smell of a Grade A rip-off. Or at least what people think are rip-offs.

P.A. Works is Launching an Action-Packed Fantasy Series This April

Are you ready for what P.A. Works has in store?

Naomi Osaka Responds to Her Whitewashed Anime Ad

Nissin has been in hot water the past few days due to a cross-promotion between The Prince of Tennis and real-life tennis stars. The video, which advertises...

7 Anime You Should “Cringe Binge” This Weekend

Hey kids, let's go on a cringe binge!

‘Haganai” Manga Enters Final Arc

For many fans, the Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends manga is the definitive version of the story.

17 ‘Fate/Grand Order’ Cosplay That’ll Fill You With Joy

Who doesn't love a good Fate/Grand Order cosplay?

20 Most Lovable Anime Characters Voted by Japan

Anime is filled with memorable and lovable characters!

Japanese Stores to Stop Selling Porn Magazines

It's going to be a lot harder to find adult magazines.

10 Manga That Japanese Fans Want to See Turned Into an...

Goo Ranking asked the Japanese community to vote for the manga that they want to see turned into an anime.

Studio Trigger’s ‘Promare’ Film is Coming This May

Are you ready for Studio Trigger's next offering? You'll only have to wait until May!

‘Mirai’ Anime Film is Nominated at the Oscar Awards

The Oscar nominees and there's anime this time around!

5 Taboo Romances ‘Domestic Girlfriend’ Fans Should Try

If you can't get enough of this taboo romance and emotional drama, then you might want to check out these similar series.

The 8 Must-Watch Anime of the Winter 2019 Season

The following eight have made the strongest impressions so far and should entertain most fans!

Here are the Arcs that Will be in ‘Boogiepop and Others’

The Boogiepop and Others staff just shared their adaptation roadmap!

18 Times ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets’ Was Too Real

The Quintessential Quintuplets is one of this season's funniest rom-coms!

17 Times Anime Spoke to You

Indulge in the moments that anime has punched you in the kokoro!

Rumor: Live-Action ‘Pokemon’ Cinematic Universe is in Development

Legendary Entertainment seems to have high hopes for Detective Pikachu because they are developed two more live-action Pokémon movies!

Japan’s Next Biggest Fashion Model is Completely Virtual

Anyone who loves Japanese street fashion knows imma!