Butch Hartman is an American animator and director know for his distinct art style and for creating The Fairly OddParentsDanny Phantom, and T.U.F.F. Puppy.

Due to fan request (and personal interest), Hartman released a video of him drawing popular anime characters in the Fairly OddParents style. While Hartman hasn’t seen all of the shows for the characters he is drawing, he does give some cool explanations about the character pairings, like Trixie Tang being named after a Speed Racer character.


Saitama x Crimson ChinSaitama x Crimson Chin


Goku x JorgenGoku x Jorgen


Totoro x PoofTotoro x Poof


Major Motoko x Future TimmyMajor Motoko x Future Timmy


Naruto Uzumaki  x Chester McBadbat Naruto Uzumaki x Chester McBadbat


Monkey D. Luffy x Remy BuxaplentyMonkey D. Luffy x Remy Buxaplenty


Speed Racer x Trixie TangSpeed Racer x Trixie Tang


Colossal Titan x DinklebergColossal Titan x Dinkleberg


Corey in the House

Corey in the House

What is your favorite drawing?

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