Bulma’s Japanese Seiyuu Passes Away From Unknown Causes

Japanese voice actress Hiromi Tsuru has passed away at the age of 57. Police found Tsuru unconscious in her car, which was stopped with its hazard lights on at a Tokyo metropolitan expressway at 7:30 pm. Tsuru was rushed to the hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival.

The police aren’t ready to comment on Tsuru’s cause of death, but the lack of accident have them suspecting an illness. They’ll make an official statement at a later time.

Tsuru’s voice acting career began in 1978 when she voice Perrine Paindavoine in Perrine Monogatari (The Story of Perrine). Since then, Tsuru has voiced a handful of iconic characters, which has made her an international star. Some of her roles include:

Dragon Ball Super

  • Bulma (Dragon Ball franchise)
  • Lufy (Gall Force franchise)
  • Madoka Ayukawa (Kimagure Orange Road)
  • Ukyou Kuonji (Ranma ½ franchise)
  • Dokin-chan (Anpanman franchise)
  • Sachiko Nishio (Touch)
  • Meryl Stryfe (Trigun)
  • Naomi Hunter (Metal Gear Solid 1 4)
  • Julia Chang (Tekken franchise)

Tsuru was still active as Bulma’s voice actress at her time of death.

Update: Tsuru’s agency announced that she passed away due to aortic dissection, which is a rare heart issue that involves the inner aortic layer tearing, causing blood to flow into middle layer and causing a separation.

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