‘Bleach’ Live-Action Producer Teases “Soul Society” Sequel

The live-action Bleach movie won’t debut for a few more months, but its producer is already teasing a sequel.

Producer Hiroyoshi Koi spoke to Cinema Today and shared his optimism about Bleach becoming a trilogy. The producer helped bring Rurouni Kenshin to life, and he feels that Bleach has the potential to exceed expectations. After all, he already has a sequel map out.

“I want to do the Soul Society arc,” Koi candidly told Cinema Today. “After all, if the first one succeeds, you can spend more money and time on the second to present a bigger sequel to the world. It would be a good thing for the franchise.”


Koi and Warner Bros. Japan have high hopes for Bleach and are banking that it’ll be a hit with fans. Should the sequel get approved, the Soul Society arc would be a massive undertaking since greatly expands on the world of Bleach.

The Soul Society arc is the manga’s second story arc, and it’s considered one of the best shounen arcs. It immediately follows the Substitute Soul Reaper arc, which is being adapted into the movie. Highlight for spoilers: [After being arrested by her brother, Rukia is sentenced to death for breaking one of Soul Society’s rules. Ichigo doesn’t agree with the conviction, so he puts together a team to infiltrate Soul Society to rescue Rukia. This mission will bring Ichigo face-to-face with Gotei 13 and the formidable captains.]


Bleach will open in Japanese theaters on July 20. No doubt that fans will eagerly await the reception the film receives.

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