‘Black Lagoon’ Manga Will Exit Hiatus This Spring

News of Rei Hiroe launching a new manga series had long-time fans worrying that he was abandoning Black Lagoon, which has been hiatus since August.Black Lagoon

Worry no more, because Monthly Sunday GX magazine confirmed that Hiroe will resume Black Lagoon in spring 2019! The once-monthly manga has been on an irregular schedule since 2014 as Hiroe pursues other projects, which included creating the concept for Re:Creators.

Hiroe’s newest manga is tentatively titled 341 Sentoudan (341 Combat Team), which follows a team of youths who are forced to fight on the chaotic frontlines of a war. This series will also launch in spring 2019 in Monthly Shonen Sunday.

341 Combat Team

Black Lagoon has been an international hit since its debut in 2002, which combines Hiroe’s love of Quentin Tarantino and John Woo films with Japanese sensibilities. It follows a team of mercenaries known as Lagoon Company, which specializes in smuggling goods and high-stakes missions for a variety of clients.

Black Lagoon

Madhouse has produced a two-season anime and an OVA series

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