2016 was killer (in more ways than one) but beautiful memes got us through. It’s time to remember, thank, smile, and then BURN all the old memes as we look for new freshness.

We asked meme teams that run anime pages what were the top ones from 2016 that found their way into every corner of the anime fandom.

Moe Stuff

Like the page name suggests this is a page about moe/cute stuff to make you ”hnnnggg” everyday. Even though the main point now is to post memes/funny stuff to try to make people laugh or at least bring a smile to their faces.

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1. Every Meme that Came Out of Keijo!!!!!!!!

Keijo Anime Meme

Keijo!!!!!!!! embodies every single fanservice-ridden anime that has come out in recent times and it’s wonderful.


2. Drake and Best Girl Rem

Drake Rem Emilia Meme

Re:Zero was solid proof that The Waifu Wars are still going strong in 2016. The show has solid contender with Emilia but even Drake agrees that Rem is best girl for 2016. You can’t really argue with Drake.



3. Megumin Jokes

Re:Zero Megumin Meme

From pantsu-stealing magic to her signature “EXPLOOOOOOSION!”, we loved every bit and piece of this cute, though thickheaded mage. I don’t blame Kazuma for trying. I would probably do the same.




Call Of Onii-Chan

We post anything that is anime related. From the latest news and reviews to fake subs, cosplay, doujinshi and memes. You name it, we’ve got it.

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1. SpongeBob Comparison Charts

These hilarious anime-themed comparison charts featuring Spongebob have been all around the Internet since June, we’re pretty sure you’ve seen them before too. This just proves that SpongeBob is never irrelevant.

Spongebob Anime Chart



2) Best Girls of 2016

Simpsons Best Girl Rem Meme

Rem, was no doubt, one of the most popular anime girls in 2016. She had so many fans that even those who haven’t watched the anime knew about her. When the Re:Zero hype was over though, that was when Mitsuha from Kimi no Na wa started being everyone’s favorite. I mean, who doesn’t like girls who chew on rice, spit it out and use it as sake, right? And when the Kimi no Na wa hype is over as well, we all know who’s coming next. JOHN CE―



3. “It’s joke.”

Love Live Joke MemeIt's a Joke Love Live

There was never a dull moment in Love Live! Sunshine!! with Mari’s totally awesome Engrish.


4. “I love Emilia.”

Nisekoi I Love Emilia MemeMadoka Love Emilia

You saw this coming. We know you did. This meme may be long dead but admit it, there was a time when it was literally everywhere on the Internet. At least now we all know why Homura changed.




Institution For Anime Lovers

A page where we combine anime and cancer to create something wonderful.

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1. Fake Anime DVD’s

Love Life Death Live Meme

This is why you don’t buy anime dvd’s from the black market or you get this abomination instead.

Please burn this hideous thing with fire. This triggers me so hard.

2. SpongeGar

Spongegar Anime Meme

I’m sure everyone would enjoy “accidentally” leaking their waifu’s spicy nudes in front of hundreds of students ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Adding Spongegar to the mix makes it 100% better.

3. Anime Friendzone

What do you get if you combine: Anime + Friendzone + Explosion + Dank Memes?

You get this.



4. Your Waifu Is Trash

Trash Waifu

This meme never gets old. Just be careful when posting this. Many weeaboos won’t stand an insult against their waifu’s. They type really fast and breathe heavily. Scary creatures, I tell you. They have katana collections and life size body pillows. Don’t mess with them.



5. I Was Born In The Right GenerationRight Generation Anime

Our species has evolved and this is the result. Years of evolution has given us the opportunity to date “perfect girls”. Those 3d girls never understood us anyway. 2d girls are the real deal. Power to the waifu’s! Never forgetti, Waifu’s spaghetti.




Anime Network

A straightforward page that posts anime related contents to entertain the page’s audience and brighten their day with our funniest, craziest and erotic contents.

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1. Get In The Bag, Nebby
Nebby Get in the Bag Anime Meme

With the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon in November, this “Get in the bag” meme started spreading all over the internet. Lillie always told Nebby to get in the bag because bad guys were after him. But Nebby always kept getting out which made Lillie angry. That’s how this great meme was born.

2. Best Trap of 2016

Drake Felix Meme
Felix from Re:zero took traps to a whole new level. with the combination of cat like ears, a girlish dress and, of course, a girlish attitude, Felix has made a great impact among the audiences. Any normal person who never watched Re:zero would think he is a girl. But those who watched the show know the real story.

3. Who’s Rem?
Who's Rem Anime Meme

[Spoiler for Re:Zero following] Rem from Re:zero has been forgotten by everyone except our main protagonist. And the audience has been triggered as the best girl is nowhere to be known. Even her twin sister Ram doesn’t have a clue who is Rem. As you all may know, Rem has changed everyone’s heart from the worst to the best girl ever in the anime industry. Even if you haven’t seen Re:zero you would still know about the twin maids rem and ram. This girl has been the greatest support to our main protagonist when he was in helpless situations but his choice for whom to choose has triggered all of them.

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