Best Anime Everything of 2016 Chosen by Top Anime Youtubers

People mainly say 2016 is the year we want to forget. But there was a whole lot of awesome that happened over those 365 days. We asked some of the top anime Youtubers what were their favorite things of anime and in the community in 2016.

Let's remember all the great things that happened as we move into 2017.



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1) Anime Films Were Lit

It’s nice to be reminded that Studio Ghibli isn’t the only one who produces the best feature films.

Koe no Katachi and Kimi No Nawa broke ticket sales in the anime film industry. Kizumonogatari left fans of the series gripped to their chairs. Watching The Boy and the Beast released in America gave me another reason why Mamoru Hosoda remains as one of my favorite director, and while I couldn’t see In This Corner of the World in Japan, it introduced me to the manga which told a beautiful drama that not only taught me such an important time in Japanese history, but gave a message that resided with me. While I can’t say this was the most impressive year for anime series, it was definitely a great year for anime films.


2) Shelter

That moment when Porter Robinson probably made a better story told in 6 minutes than a lot of  entire anime series did this year. In all seriousness though it’s great to see such a talented artist in today’s mainstream bring such a big light to anime through his work. I think it left us not only touched, but a lot of fellow anime fans proud to have someone in the music industry representing the medium in such a creative way. Makes me wonder if anime will be more adopted in the music industry.


3) Rem Is Best Girl

She was cute, strong, realistic, and had more doujin and toy sales than any other female character this year (from me).

She won my heart, then broke it, then mended it back together and gave me a kiss. Sorry, Emilia, but I love Rem.



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1) Hunter x Hunter Returned!

But then quickly returned to Hiatus again. Was fun while it lasted!


2) Visual Novels took Steam by Storm

More and more anime games and visual novels are coming to PC thanks to the rise in popularity and sales of existing and new VN’s. The gateway has now been pried open and we are seeing a steady 2-3 anime games released A WEEK on the platform. Sometimes even more.


3. The WORST BEST Meme was made



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1) Yaoi and Yuri Are Becoming A Thing!

While yaoi and yuri haven’t been absent from the anime world, 2016 was the year where boys-love and girls-love really shined in the mainstream. Series like Yuri!!! on Ice, Flip Flappers, Valkyrie Drive and Shuumatsu no Izetta had a good impression on a lot of viewers, with the same-sex lovey-dovey vibe carrying onto next year with the confirmed adaptation of series like Citrus and Netsuzou Trap -NTR-, just to name a few.

But that Victuri ship, though.

God damn.


2) Pure Eye Candy… Everywhere!

There have always been good-looking anime in the past years, but I feel this year was the one that really shined with beautiful visuals and animation. Series like Kiznaiver, Mob Psycho 100 and Koutetsujo no Kabaneri along with movies like Kimi no Na Wa, Kizumonogatari and Koe no Katachi just to name a few.

We know visuals and animation aren’t everything in an anime, but it certainly doesn’t stop the eyes from watering with pleasure!


3) Crunchyroll and Funimation Form The Dream Team

This was like witnessing a fish grow legs; the miracle that every otaku never imagined happening. But it finally did, and the crowd certainly went nuts. With this collaboration, Crunchyroll and Funimation are trying to make more anime more available to more countries… which is good news for everybody else! Huzzah!

Let’s hope this helps the anime industry to thrive further into the next decade.

Long live.





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1) Kimi no Na Wa Broke Anime

….Sales. It broke anime sales. This was the year Makoto Shinkai returned to us to grace us with his latest film Kimi no Na Wa (Or Your Name if you prefer the english language) which exploded into Anime Film history, breaking sales record after sales record around the world. This is probably due to the fact that the hype level for this film were blasted through the stratosphere, and has been hailed by most viewers as the second coming of Christ and possible best cure for cancer in 2016, but suffice to say no anime film has had this huge an impact since the days of Ghibli’s prime, and it was great an anime film so widely talked about that was made by someone not named Miyazaki.

I was lucky enough to be able to see this when it was screening in Asia and without adding to the hype too much, it was pretty dope. Breaking news just in though! Screenings close to you are still probably nowhere to be found! (It's OK, I would be crying internally too)


2) Anime is Going International

Quick question to you, and no cheating. How do you define anime? If you said Chinese Cartoons then please, go back to your corner where you can laugh at your Cory in the House memes, but you also might not be so far from the truth either. The days where Anime were exclusively a Japanese product, made by Japanese people, for Japanese people that just happened to appeal to a small group of creepy weebs elsewhere in the world are slowly coming to a close.

This year we got to see Porter Robinson release his Collaboration with A1 pictures in Shelter,

LeSean Thomas (Boondocks, Black Dynamite) is teaming up with Crunchyroll for their new project Children of Ether, Yuri on Ice turned out to be a massive hit for real life professional Ice Skaters, and China themselves have invested a truckload of money into the industry, and are also making their own E-Sports anime inspired series. Not to mention their collaboration with Bloodivores, and Gen Urobuchi (Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero) writing for a series that used Taiwanese puppets. TAIWANESE. FREAKING. PUPPETS. And it was awesome.

Does this mean that you can finally call Avatar an anime?! No. Please stop asking.


3) And the Hypest Anime Moment in 2016 goes to…

Sir Ian McKellen reciting the Unlimited Blade Works incantation from Fate Stay/Night. Just in case you didn’t realize your boner could get harder than you ever realized.

Oh you wanted an actual moment from anime? Well I guess All Might’s Plus Ultra scene from Boku no Hero Academia was pretty boner inducing too…



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