A Japanese Store is Begging Fans to Buy BanG Dream! Merchandise

BanG Dream! is officially the most ignored Winter 2017 series.

Although Bushiroad had hopes that BanG Dream! would become the next big multimedia music group, it seems like the anime has failed to make a connection with fans outside of social media.

BanG Dream!

The company had hopes that the “Minna de BanG Dreamer” doujin event was going to draw around 400 different doujin circles, going by the website’s application limit. However, the BanG Dream! themed event has only managed to recruit nine doujin circles.

Even more worrisome is that BanG Dream! collaboration merchandise (like themed cup noodles) have been staying on shelves at LAWSON convenience stores. One employee shared photos on Twitter showing how overstocked they are on the items. Customers who purchase two themed cup noodles will receive a free collectible clear file, but judging by the abundance of files on hand, no one seems to be buying.

The employee of this particular store mentions that they have been putting up notes reminding customers of the BanG! Dream promo and that they have even put up a large banner trying to draw attention to the items.

It’s not like BanG Dream! is a new name that suddenly appeared. Three manga series have been running since at least 2015 to build name recognition. Bushiroad has also developed the popular Cardfight!! VanguardWeiß Schwarz, and Tantei Opera Milky Holmes franchises, so it’s not like they are inexperienced.

BanG Dream!

No matter the reason, anime fans don’t seem interested in Kasumi Toyama and the Poppin’ Party band.

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