‘Attack on Titan’ Creator Shares Why Season 3 is so Fast

Attack on Titan manga readers have been noticing that the anime’s third season is moving at a faster pace. This is due to Hajime Isayama’s desire to “wipe away the regrets” of the Uprising Arc that are in the manga.

Attack on Titan

According to Isayama’s blog, he wanted Wit Studio to work on a more “idealized” script as opposed to a faithful adaptation of volumes 13 through 16. He collaborated with scriptwriter Hiroshi Seko to streamline the arc without cutting out essential plot points.

Isayama wrote, “It’s like I was out of gas” when he first created the Uprising Arc. He notes that the pace is too slow and meandering, leading to the Uprising Arc’s many weaknesses. The Uprising Arc represents a period of personal weakness, according to Isayama, and he wanted to fix it.

Attack on Titan

Do you enjoy the arc’s increased pace?

SOURCEHajime Isayama's Official Blog
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